Our Team

Students for Education, Empowerment and Development (SEED) is a registered charity that was created by a group of nine university students in 2005 who were passionate about the barriers that existed in Lusaka for those who wished to access education.

Initially an organization that focused solely on the provision of scholarships to students who could not afford to go to elementary school, SEED has now evolved into a grassroots community of people in all corners of the world.

Padox Aouki

Padox “Patrick” Aouki has been the School Administrator of SEED Junior Academy (SJA) since it began in 2007. With a BA in Community Development and Project Management, and having lived in Kibera slums for most of his life, Padox brings his knowledge and passion to SJA.

Meghan Bruni

Meghan is the founder and Executive Director of SEED Kenya. A school teacher in Toronto with a Masters degree in International Development, she is passionate about the role of education in driving social change.

Steve Ogola

Steve has been our Scholarship Program Manager in Ukwala, Kenya since 2006. His responsibilities include meeting with current and potential beneficiaries, collecting and organizing student profiles and databases

Steven Bernstein

Steven initially became involved with SEED in 2016 as a Director of Fundraising, specifically focused on producing Buddha on Fire, an immersive yoga experience in Toronto, Canada.

Nina Modi

Nina is a co-founder of SEED and currently sits on the Board of Directors. She is a lawyer in Ontario and devotes her time to several charities that focus on poverty, human trafficking



Brian Muganzi

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Salima Atieno 

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Rose Akinyi

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Benta Akinyi 

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