Since 2007, we have worked tirelessly to realize our goal of providing a safe and healthy learning environment, quality education, daily nutrition, and clean water to the youth of Kibera and Ligala. To many of us, these are basic provisions we take for granted. To the children in these communities, however, the scarcity of these fundamental resources is literally the difference between life and death.

Contributions from our supporters and sponsors are used to provide educational materials and lessons to our students. We provide two meals per day, access to clean water, and on-site hygienic bathroom facilities.

In Ligala, funds are being used to build wells so residents can access water for crops. In turn, those crops will provide the children and their families with necessary daily nutrition.

In Kibera, we are in the midst of expanding The Seed School. When completed, this three-story, solar-powered school will hold 200 students, kitchen facilities, bathrooms, and accommodations for two future volunteer teachers.

Any contribution you make goes directly toward these efforts, helping to break the cycle for these at-risk youth, and providing them with a chance for the future they deserve.